I have missed out on a lot of things, but also have experienced a lot of things

So in the 26th of August 2017, SMAN 3 held an event called "The World Tournament" and as much as i wanted to, I couldn't come and here's why.

It's was a particularly busy week there's a lot of tests and homeworks and projects that has to be done so i was really under a lot of pressure through the whole week and there's also a lot i have to do the next week, so I decided to take some weight off my shoulders by studying in advance and that's what i did. On Saturday at 8:00-9:30 AM i studied for my biology test on monday and at 9:30-11:00 AM i studied for my math test on Wednesday. After that i went to kosambi with my mom to put a name tag to my PE uniform. Then after that i went home to get ready for MPK mahidara which is held in my old school Taruna Bakti. Even though there's a lot of artists performing there such as NAIF and fourtwenty, that's not the reason i want to go there. The real reason is that i want to meet up with some of my old frie…

Holiday dialogue

A:"Nabil, What will you do next holiday?" B:"I'll probably be studying for the physics competition that'll be held in February next year" A: "Wow you're so diligent! I would never use my few weeks of freedom to study" B:"haha, well i dont really have a choice, i'm obligated to participate in this competition by our school, it's real annoying to be honest" A:"Lol, just bear with it" B:"How bout you? do you have any plans?" A:"Yes actually,i have plans to go to Kuala lumpur" B: "What will you be doing there?" A:"Visiting my sister, she's currently attending University for her bachelors degree" B:"Cool, which university is she attending?" A:"Monash University" B:"beside visiting your sister is there any other activities you'll do?" A"probably sight seeing" B:"Is there any specific spots you want to see?" A:"well i hav…


so today i'm going to tell you about my unforgettable experience. So, it was 4 pm, i've just finished my tutoring and ready to finally get home. I opened my phone and tried to order a gojek ride home. so i sit down outside my tutoring place, i open my phone and i checked instagram really quickly and  suddenly i got a notification that says my data has ran out. I didn't know what to do, i cant contact my parents because i need data, there's no wifi near me, and my phone is at 19% of battery. i panicked. then i devised a plan, i need to find wifi because i don't have data and that wifi has to be in walking distance. my best option is a fast food restaurant near my school and not really that far away from my tutoring place. so i started walking, and while i was walking i think to myself it would be rude if i walked in a restaurant and use their wifi without ordering anything. so when i arrived at the restaurant i ordered a cup of coffee and sat down. and when my coff…


Adli : "Hey! why didn't you come to school yesterday?" Raka: "Hey, yeah i was out of town" Adli : "Really? where did you go?" Raka: "Kuala Lumpur" Adli : "Are you visiting someone? or.." Raka: "Oh no, i was helping my sister move, she'll be studying there for the next 4 years or so-" Adli :"oh cool, is she in university?" Raka: "yes" Adli : "which one exactly?" Raka:" Monash University" Adli: "does she live with a family member?" Raka:"No, she lives by herself" Adli :"oh just like me!" Raka:"haha yes just like you" Adli :"hahah" Raka:"Well, it's nice catching up!" Adli :"See you in class then?" Raka:"okay"

Hi! i'm Raka

greetings! i'm Raka, and i'm gonna tell you all about me.

My full name is Tubagus Baraka Kautsar, i was born in the 21st June 2002 here at Bandung, Indonesia. I was born to a loving family of 3, there was my father Tubagus Sofiuddin, my mother Ratih irawaty abidin and my older sister Ratu Alifa Nurfira. 4 years later my younger sister was born Ratu Rania Kamila. ive been living at bandung for as long as i can remember, my current address is Jl. Biola no.6. My Father work as a civil server as the country's general director of tax. since 2013 my father works in Jakarta so i only got to see him in the weekends. My Mother is a housewife so she basically took care of us three. She's very kind and funny but also sometimes strict.My older sister is really smart and brave, while my younger sister is really funny but sometimes really annoying My two sisters fight quite frequently so a lot of time i find myself caught up in the middle. I consider my relationship with them is obj…